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Thank you for taking the time to read the Siren CMS User Manual. This document provides an overview of features and describes how to use the CMS (Contact Management System) module for Siren 2007.

In this Document:

  • Address Book

    Associate Siren 2007 contacts with companies, sites and people. The address book may be used to locate contacts, send mailouts and schedule correspondence.

  • Companies

    Record details of companies that own or operate sites in your address book. Establish a hierarchy of companies using the Ownership feature.

  • Sites

    Record the location and other details of sites occupied by companies and people in your address book. A company may be associated with one or more sites.

  • People

    Record the name and other details of people in your address book. A person may be associated with one or more sites. Setting the mood of each person and site allows you to identify the best way to reach your contacts, and how to avoid sending messages to devices that aren't monitored or people that do not wish to be contacted.

  • Mailouts

    Siren CMS allows you to define a list of sites in your address book to contact by mail. This feature may be used in conjunction with the mail merge capability of your Word processor to print letters and letterheads addressed to your contacts.

Other Resources:

  • Online Resources

    FAQ and other resources are available at the Janusys web site.

  • Built in Help System

    Siren 2007 Enterprise has an integrated help panel for every screen and popup hints for every field. Press F1 to view help.

    TIP: The integrated help is the definitive guide to Siren 2007 Enterprise.

    Siren 2007 Enterprise also provides a unique Navigation Menu in addition to standard menus and toolbars. The navigation menu combines help, menus and screens to link software concepts, and is particularly useful for learning about Siren 2007. Press F2 to view the navigation menu.

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