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The following excerpt is taken from an interview with Janusys CEO, Hamilton Colyer-Long, on the 27th of March 2006.


Janusys has just released Siren 2006. Tell me about that.


It's very exciting. Siren is the culmination of years of work. We have brought all of our alarm and message software together into this one amazing product.

In the past most of our clients have been in the mining industry - we have software in some of the largest mine sites and refineries in Australia. We've had eight years learning what is needed to provide a comprehensive and reliable evacuation system in environments where mistakes can cost lives.

Now we're ready to offer our services to the world!


So you expect Siren to perform well in 2006?


It has so far! It is out there running constantly in various parts of Australia.

Siren is unique. There is no software out there that can boast the same features. We say that "Fast notification of alarm conditions can save lives and equipment". Serious people will take our software seriously.


What makes Siren 2006 so special?


There are many products out there that send messages. Some software sends emails, or faxes, or SMS messages. What makes Siren 2006 truly powerful is the way we bring all of your contacts together in one system.

Then we take it one step further for evacuation systems, and allow you link alarm scenarios to your contact database. Software can monitor alarms for you, or you can raise an alarm with the click of a button. A single alarm can send a recorded voice message or text message to any PA, phone, pager or any other contact in your database.

Imagine a situation where every second counts. With Siren 2006, Janusys is offering a chance to plan for evacuation scenarios at your site and put in place systems that will get the message out instantly in an emergency.

You should read about it on our web site!


What does Janusys plan for the future?


Well, we're currently working on the Enterprise edition of Siren 2006. Most of the new features have been developed an in an early testing phase. We should have this product ready for commercial release shortly. After that we have some ideas for new features, and I'm sure our clients have suggestions as well.

There are plans for other software products under discussion, perhaps a revision of our hotel management software. You'll just have to wait and see what happens.


I will. Good luck, and thank you for your time.

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