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Upcoming Events

November 27th 2006

  • Scheduled release of Siren 2007 Enterprise with support for Microsoft SQL Server databases, monitored alarms, plus email, fax and LED sign messages.

Recent Events

October 30th 2006

  • Siren 2007 version 7.0.1 released.

  • New Siren CMS and Siren Tracker modules for Siren 2007 Professional and Enterprise editions.

March 27th 2006

  • Interview with Janusys CEO, Hamilton Colyer-Long.

March 17th 2006

  • Siren 2007 version 6.0.2 released.

December 22nd 2005

  • Official launch of Janusys Siren 2007.

New Siren CMS & Siren Tracker free with Siren Professional and Enterprise editions

Coming Soon

Microsoft SQL Server database support

Monitored Alarms

Email, fax and LED Sign Messages

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