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How Good is Your Evacuation System?

Introducing Siren 2007

Use all of your resources to get a message out. Comprising of distributed services, Siren 2007 harnesses resources across an entire network; combining modems, sound cards and other common hardware to become a powerful alarm communications system.

New! Siren CMS

Free with Siren 2007 Professional and Enterprise editions. The Contact Management System extends Siren 2007 contacts into an address book that includes company, site and personal listings. The message capabilities of Siren 2007 are integrated into the address book along with new mailout facilities to create mail merge letters to your contacts.

New! Siren Tracker

Free with Siren 2007 Professional and Enterprise editions. Track the location and condition of your safety equipment and other assets, and schedule maintenance for those items that need regular care.

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New Siren CMS & Siren Tracker free with Siren Professional and Enterprise editions

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