Fast notification of alarm conditions can save lives and equipment

Siren 2007 Enterprise Edition

Siren 2007






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Why Enterprise:

  • Software can monitor other systems for an automatic response in an emergency

  • Email, fax and LED sign messages

  • Stability and security from an enterprise database

The best response to an emergency is

Siren 2007 Enterprise

The Deluxe Edition

Monitor alarms. Siren 2007 can monitor the data output or electrical signals from other alarm systems. Automatic messages can be triggered by anything from serial data messages, printer output, a switch or a light coming on.

More contacts. Extend the range of your alarm system with email, fax and LED sign messages.

Microsoft SQL Server database support. Enterprise databases increase capacity, add security and reduce chances of data corruption. If you have a licensed enterprise database then you should use it!

Get the Message Out!

Siren 2007 Enterprise is the complete communications system. Alarms, instant messages and scheduled events can message any contact or group of contacts including:

  • Staff

  • Security

  • Contractors

  • Head Office

  • Administrators

  • Safety Officers

  • Emergency Services

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- Enterprise -

Send Messages To

Public Address

Mobile Phones




Sound Cards

Windows Messages

Email Addresses

Fax Machines

Contact Groups


Send Messages

Raise Alarms

Monitor Alarms

Schedule Events

Add Tasks

Voice & Text Messages

Secure Login

User Profiles

Comprehensive Logs

Integrity Monitor

Technical Brief

Windows PC or network

SQL Server or Jet (Access) database

Comprises distributed client, server and services

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Concept for Siren 2007 Enterprise:

Raise an Alarm

Click a button to raise an alarm, or have the software monitor other systems for an automatic response in an emergency.

Get the Message Out!

A single alarm can broadcast messages over your PA, dial your phone, play to your sound card, SMS your mobile, buzz your pager, send an email and popup on your Windows workstation.

Fast notification of alarm conditions saves lives and equipment.

What Next?

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