Fast notification of alarm conditions can save lives and equipment

Siren 2007 Standard Edition

Siren 2007






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How Good is Your Evacuation System?

You get a lot with the standard edition:

  • Broadcast alarm messages from your PA

  • Play recorded messages to a single mobile, telephone or computer sound card

  • Streamlined interface for raising alarms

Plan your emergency response with

Siren 2007 Standard

Superior Emergency Response - made easy

Planning. Make a list of alarm conditions that could occur on your site. For each circumstance decide what message should be announced and to whom.

Setup. Record voice messages for each alarm condition. Configure the software to associate descriptions of alarm conditions with the recorded messages. Choose whether to send each message once, or repeat them at intervals.

Raise an alarm. Siren 2007 Standard has a streamlined interface for raising alarms - just click a button. Siren 2007 will get the message out.

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- Standard -

Send Messages To

Public Address

Mobile Phones


Sound Cards


Raise Alarms

Voice Messages

Comprehensive Logs

Integrity Monitor

Technical Brief

Windows PC or network

Jet (Access) database

Comprises distributed client, server and services

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Concept for Siren 2007 Standard:

Raise an Alarm

Click a button to raise an alarm in an emergency.

Get the Message Out!

A single alarm can broadcast messages over your PA, dial your telephone and mobile phone, and play voice messages to your sound card.

Fast notification of alarm conditions saves lives and equipment.

What Next?

  1. Consider Siren 2007 Professional for more options and the ability to send messages to a wider audience. Professional has all features of the Standard edition plus much more.

  2. Preview the screen gallery and online documents for additional information.

  3. Try before you buy with the demonstration program.

  4. Notice the very reasonable price (see above) and place an order for Siren 2007 Standard today!

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