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Siren 2007 Demonstration Program

Siren 2007






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Evaluation License

The demonstration program is provided for the purposes of evaluating Siren 2007.

  • The User Manual and Administration Guide are included with the demonstration program.

  • All features are available. You should be able to setup the software to send voice and text messages from computers across your network to all kinds of contacts (provided that you have the appropriate hardware).

  • Siren CMS and Siren Tracker modules are included with the Professional demonstration program.

  • The only restriction to the demonstration program is that it will always send a fixed demonstration message.

  • A reminder that you are using a demonstration product for evaluation purposes will be displayed when you start Siren 2007 and each time you login with a new user.

The sale and use of all Janusys software is subject to a license agreement. A copy of the licence can be viewed online here. Do not download the demonstration program if you do not accept the license agreement.

Uninstall Previous Versions

If you have a previous version of Siren installed then it is recommended that you backup your database and customised files and then uninstall that version before installing a new demonstration. In some situations it may be necessary to restart your computer after uninstalling the old version.

Standard Edition

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Professional Edition

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