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Siren 2007 Updates

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Siren 2006 Licenses

Siren 2006 license holders should contact Janusys sales or their software distributor to obtain a new license, setup file and information to upgrade to Siren 2007.

Update History

7.0.1 October 30th 2006

  • New Siren CMS and Siren Tracker modules for Siren 2007 Professional and Enterprise editions.

  • New Tasks feature in Professional and Enterprise editions allows activities to be allocated to Siren 2007 users and scheduled for completion.

  • Data screens now provide printed reports plus filter and grouping features for advanced navigation.

6.0.2 March 17th 2006

  • New application icons by glyFX (thanks guys).

6.0.1 January 10th 2006

  • Added monitor for required system service. Services that fail to check in on time generate a system error.

6.0.0 December 23rd 2005

  • Official launch of Janusys Siren 2007.

Version 7.0.1 is now available

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