Fast notification of alarm conditions can save lives and equipment

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Announcing Siren 2007

Siren 2007 was designed to meet the stringent requirements of the mining industry.

"Our software is used by world leading mining companies in environments where a fast and thoughtful response to an emergency can save lives."

In Our Experience:

The key to emergency response lies in planning. Planning is essential for putting into effect systems that will work in an crisis. Systems such as clicking a button to raise an alarm; where that single alarm plays an evacuation message to your public address system, office and staff phones, emergency services, and more.

Use all of your resources to get the message out. Siren 2007 harnesses resources across an entire network; combining modems, sound cards and other common hardware to become a powerful alarm communications system.

You don't need expensive hardware. If you have a computer with a modem or sound card then Siren 2007 may already be able to send messages to your PA, telephone, mobile, pager, sound card, and other devices.

Siren 2007 is easy to install. Tasks such as detecting hardware in your computer are performed automatically. In most cases you just enter a few contact and alarm details to make your evacuation system operational. Setting up the software to run across your network is also made easy.

Siren 2007 is easy to use. Alarms may be raised with the click of a button. Similarly, messages may be deliverered and events scheduled from a colourful, friendly interface.

Unfortunately accidents do occur. Proper planning and the right procedures will help keep your people safe.

A Better Evacuation System

Can Save Lives

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Send Messages To

Public Address

Mobile Phones




Sound Cards

Windows Messages

Email Addresses

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Send Messages

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Technical Brief

Windows PC or network

SQL Server or Jet (Access) database

Comprises distributed client, server and services

Concept for Siren 2007:

Raise an Alarm

Click a button to raise an alarm, or have the software monitor other systems for an automatic response in an emergency.

Get the Message Out!

A single alarm can broadcast messages over your PA, dial your phone, play to your sound card, SMS your mobile, buzz your pager, send an email and popup on your Windows workstation.

Fast notification of alarm conditions saves lives and equipment.

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  1. Compare the 3 editions of Siren 2007 available to find the product that suits your needs and budget.

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