Fast notification of alarm conditions can save lives and equipment

Siren 2007 Professional Edition

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Who Must You Contact in an Emergency?

Consider ways you can deliver a message:

  • A PA system can reach a wide audience at a site

  • Most people carry a mobile phone, pager or PDA

  • People indoors can answer telephones, hear sound cards or receive Windows messages

Be heard by more people with

Siren 2007 Professional

Professional Advantages

A variety of ways to send messages. The professional edition of Siren 2007 provides alarms, scheduled events and ad-hoc messages to any contact or group of contacts.

Use all of your resources to get a message out. Comprising of distributed services, Siren 2007 harnesses resources across an entire network; combining modems, sound cards and other common hardware to become a powerful communications system.

Secure login and user profiles. Do you like customizing your software? Siren 2007 provides many options for controlling display and features available to users. Menus, screens, functions and colours can all adapt to suit the role of the current user.

Comprehensive logs and built-in integrity monitor. Services required to send messages are constantly monitored to ensure integrity. Details of errors, warnings and other notifications are saved to the database, text file and Windows event log as appropriate.

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Send Messages To

Public Address

Mobile Phones




Sound Cards

Windows Messages

Contact Groups


Send Messages

Raise Alarms

Schedule Events

Add Tasks

Voice & Text Messages

Secure Login

User Profiles

Comprehensive Logs

Integrity Monitor

Technical Brief

Windows PC or network

Jet (Access) database

Comprises distributed client, server and services

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Concept for Siren 2007 Professional:

Raise an Alarm

Click a button to raise an alarm in an emergency.

Get the Message Out!

A single alarm can broadcast messages over your PA, dial your phone, play to your sound card, SMS your mobile, buzz your pager and popup on your Windows workstation.

Fast notification of alarm conditions saves lives and equipment.

What Next?

  1. Consider Siren 2007 Enterprise if you need an enterprise database, alarm monitoring, email and fax recipients. Enterprise has all features of the professional edition plus more.

  2. Preview the screen gallery and online documents for additional information.

  3. Try before you buy with the demonstration program.

  4. Notice the very reasonable price (see above) and place an order for Siren 2007 Professional today!

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