Siren 2007 Professional User Manual

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Thank you for taking the time to read the Siren 2007 Professional User Manual. This document provides an overview of features and describes how to use Siren 2007.

In this Document

  • Login

    Login with a user account to gain permission to access Siren 2007.

  • Raise an Alarm

    Learn how to raise alarms and monitor their progress.

  • Send a Message

    Learn how to send messages and monitor their progress.

  • Status

    Investigate integrity messages and events recorded in the system logs.

Other Resources

  • Administration Guide

    Contains instructions to install and configure Siren 2007.

  • Online Resources

    FAQ and other resources are available at the Janusys web site.

  • Built in Help System

    Siren 2007 Professional has an integrated help panel for every screen and popup hints for every field. Press F1 to view help.

    TIP: The integrated help is the definitive guide to Siren 2007 Professional.

    Siren 2007 Professional also provides a unique Navigation Menu in addition to standard menus and toolbars. The navigation menu combines help, menus and screens to link software concepts, and is particularly useful for learning about Siren 2007. Press F2 to view the navigation menu.


This document describes how to use Siren 2007. It assumes that the software has already be installed and setup by an administrator. If you find that you are unable to send messages or perform some other action then contact your administrator for assistance.

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