Siren 2007 Professional User Manual

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The Default User

Siren 2007 will automatically log in the default user when it starts. Your administrator will have setup privileges for the default user at your site - the default user may have anything from no privileges to full access to all features.

Login with Your User Account

You will need to login with your own user account if your default user is setup with limited privileges. The login screen may appear either:

  • Automatically when you start Siren 2007 (if setup to do so).

  • By selecting Login from the Preferences menu.

  • By clicking the current user item in the status bar on the main form.

Login by selecting your user account then clicking the Login button. If your user account has a password then you will be prompted to type your password and then click the Login button again.

Confirm that you are logged in by seeing that your account is shown as the current user in the status bar on the main form.

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