Siren 2007 Standard Administration Guide

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Thank you for taking the time to read the Siren 2007 Standard Administration Guide. This document is intended for Administrators responsible for the installation, setup and maintenance of Siren 2007.

In this Document:

  • Deployment

    An introduction to the components that make up Siren 2007 and how to install them on your computer or network.

  • Settings

    Siren 2007 is able to harness resources across an entire network to send alarm messages - after you've setup a few details.

Other Resources:

  • User Manual

    Contains an overview of features and describes how to use Siren 2007

    TIP: Read the User Manual first if you are not familiar with Siren 2007.

  • Online Resources

    FAQ and other resources are available at the Janusys web site.

  • Built in Help System

    Siren 2007 Standard has integrated help and popup hints for every field.

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